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Edith Parker
Miss Parker to most, and Edith to many, died suddenly and unexpectedly in October 2012. This news will come as a great shock to many of you, especially to all her friends and colleagues from her time at The London but particularly all of the students who meant so much to Miss Parker for all her time at the Princess Alexandra School of Nursing. 

Your memories of Miss Edith Parker will be part of her legacy as you are able to share this news with others who you know who were fortunate enough to have met one of most innovative, caring and forward thinking educators in Nursing; 'Learning to care' and Miss Parker you taught that so SO well x

Miss Parker was a Vice President of the RLH League of Nurses. If you would like to contact us with your memories of Miss Parker then please do and these can be passed on to her family. The Funeral of Miss Edith Parker was held on 2 November 2012 and attended by her family, friends and colleagues.


'That is very sad news indeed. An inspirational nursing leader, free thinker and fantastic asset to The London!' Andreas Cartwright 15.10.12
Oh my Days! That is such sad news, she was such an articulate and confident leader, I really was inspired by her updates that she gave us every time that we were in school.and her hair, ...... so chic, I often wondered how long it was, but it was always up in the same style. I wish that one day, a nurse might be half as much awestruck of me! RIP Miss Parker. Johanna Dismore 15.10.12
 I am so very sorry to hear this sad news. I had spoken with her several times this month, arranging for our next lunch date. My husband & I had visited her several times & taken her out for lunch in her favourite restaurant. The last time we were together, we were joined by my other SET 400 friends, Rosemary Brown and Penny Stevenson. What a privliedge to have been taught by her, and to have also shared her friendship. Sheila Billins 15.10.12
 That is such sad news. Miss Parker was an inspiration and absolutely part of the fabric of The London and the School of Nursing. It was thanks to her that I was allowed back after leaving my training after 2 years - and welcomed with open arms. I will always be indebted to Miss Parker for her kindness. Another LH legend gone. Jane Harvey 15.10.13
 RIP Edith Parker. Very sad news. Amanda Miles 15.10.12
Such sad news, as so many people have said, Miss Parker was an inspiration to so many of us. Please let us know if there is a memorial service for her. Deborah Kenny 15.10.12
RIP Miss Parker. An inspirational leader and wonderful lady. xx Angela Brown 15.101.13
So sad, I had missed seeing her on saturday, as at several other reunions. Sarah Rogers 15.10.12
Oh my goodness, what news to wake up to. Such an inspiration, and I'm pleased I was able to tell her that in April when I met her again. Very sad. Such a loss. RIP. Fiona Clarke 16.10.12
 That has so saddened me. Set 508 met this Saturday just gone for our 25 year reunion, and we ALL talked about her outside the old school of nursing with SUCH fondness and admiration.. She truly was an inspirational person to us all, and I am sure made us the people and the nurses that we are today. Hope that there will be some kind of memorial service for her that many of us can attend. Charlotte Elson 16.10.12

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