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Yvonne Bevington

Miss Yvonne BevingtonIt is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Miss Yvonne Bevington 'Bev' in November 2014. A former LH Nurse & one of the team of Nursing Officers in the 1970s. Known to many of her peers as 'Bev' she working with other memorable Nurses, Miss Hindley, Miss Wearne along with Miss Scholes

Here are some of the tributes that have been paid to Miss Bevington from other former London Hospital Nurses and friends ....

Miss Bevington was the first nursing officer I knew, Very kind indeed Helped Jill Garrod and Wendy Cross put a plaster jacket on me when I was a student with a bad back. She cleared the plaster roomof students and staff nurses so I had privacy from colleagues. Never forgot it. RIP Miss Bevington. Amanda Payne

So sorry to hear of Bev's passing. She was a marvellous Accident and Emergency Sister. I Staffed under her for several years. She was so knowledgeable, calm in a crisis, lovely sense of humour,patient, kind and professional.  it was Bev that persuaded the "Powers that Be" that to convert, what was the old telephone exchange (situated opposite the main entrance and opposite the RR entrance) into a "resuscitation room". She met with considerable opposition, and we had to beg from the anaesthetists, theatres and recovery ward for equipment. Ambulances were asked to telephone ahead if they were bringing in patients that might need specialist intervention so that we could prepare ahead and get staff into the room. She was ahead of the HEMS. This was 1965. The room was just big enough to hold a trolley and a Boyles machine and a Crash Trolley.My sympathies to her family. May she rest in well deserved peace. Margaret Keith 28.11.14

A great nurse that was very kind, calm, supportive and had a terrific sense of humour. It was a pleasure to have her as my nursing officer when I was sister in Medical Out Patients. May she RIP. Yvonne Cowling 28.11.14

Sad to hear of Bev's death -she was a wonderful A &E nurse , I learned a great deal from her. Barbri Alexander 28.11.14

So sad - another of 'the old guard' gone. Bid Newport 29.11.14

 So sorry to hear this. Miss Bevington was Nursing officer of IP X-ray which was my first staffing post in 77. She was very approachable and kind. May she rest in peace. Nessa Memmott 29.11.14

 I remember Miss Bevington as a Nursing Officer. Very gentle and quiet. Condolences to her family. Sue Hubbard 30.11.14




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