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The London Hospital Nurses Badge

The London Hospital Nurses BadgeIn 1928 Sir William Paulin was the Honorary Treasurer of The London Hospital. His daughter Miss Irene Paulin, a member of the Nursing Committee, approached the badge making firm of Pinches. She was advised to contact the College of Arms as at the time the hospital did not possess an emblem, arms or a device. Sir William offered to fund the cost of the hospital applying for a Coat of Arms. The red and white colours were based on the Coat of Arms of the City of London. Part of the hospital was built on land belonging to the City and leased to the hospital until the year 2066. The three white quilled feathers represent the Three Feathers Tavern in Cheapside where the hospital came into being in 1740 when John Harrison, a surgeon, and six other men decided to start the Infirmary. The centre has  LH  for London Hospital, surrounded by the latin motto HUMANI NIHIL A ME ALIENUM PUTO. The wreath of laurel leaves may have been chosen as an emblem of victory.

Sarah Rogers has written three papers with lots of interesting and informative detail about the London Hospital Badge. They are available to view online:

Collecting Nursing History 16

Collecting Nursing History 17

Collecting Nursing History 18



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