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The League was founded in 1931 by Miss Beatrice Monk, CBE, RRC

She was Matron of 'The London' from 1919 when Miss Luckes died until 1931 when Miss Littleboy succeeded her. Miss Monk was an amazing woman - unassuming yet an organiBeatrice Monk - Founder of the London Hospital League of Nursesser committed to the development of nursing as a profession - and President of the Royal College of Nursing from 1938 to 1940. She was most supportive to at least one new Honorary Secretary and new Committee members and remained interested in the progress of The London and the League until she died in June 1962. When some of us went to the I.C.N. Congress in Rome in 1957, she lent us her cine' camera to record the events so that we might share our experience with others. In 1931, when founding the League she was supported by two Vice Presidents - Dame Maude McCarthy, GBE, RRC, L.H. 1889 - to S. African war, Matron in Chief Q.A.I.M.N.S., British Armies in France 1914 -19, T.A. Service 1920 - 25, died April 1st 1949, and Miss A. McIntosh, CBE, RRC, ex L.H. 1897, Matron of Barts from 1910 -1927 and a founder member of the RCN.

The first Honorary Treasurer was Miss Littleboy, and Miss Dorothy Harvey, the Tutor Sister was the Secretary, and there were 18 Committee members. The objects of the League were set out and printed in the first copy of the Review in 1932

  1. to form a bond between past and present London Hospital Nurses;
  2. to undertake such work as may from time to time be conducive to the welfare of the League and the Hospital.
  3. to encourage the members to maintain a high standard of work and conduct



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