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Violet & Rosemary Howlett Part 1
Violet & Rosemary Howlett Part2
More photos of Violet & Rosemary coming soon

Violet Haylett (nee Howlett) and Rosemary Miners (nee Howlett)

Violet and Rosemary Howlett were born on the 13 December 1917, unexpected identical twins, Rosemary first then 20 minutes later Violet (my mother) arrived! As children they were know as “The Violet & Rosemary HowlettTwins”, dressed alike and did everything together. Rosemary developed TB at around 12 and as a consequence they were both kept from away from school for a year and so were subsequently a year behind their friends on their return. They both always wanted to be nurses – and left school to go to be pre-probationers at a place called Morden Hall before they started their training at Tredegar House.

They started their training in 1938 just before the 2nd World War broke out. There were often air raids in the East End, when these occurred my mother told me that when the siren sounded they simply swapped their starched caps for tin hats and carried on as normal! They were evacuated to the LH annexes Goodmayes and Brentwood during this time. Both my mother and my aunt left the London after the War ended having been staff nurses and sisters. They also completed their part 1 midwifery training there. Their contemporaries included Sheila Collins and Phyllis Friend.

When I started my training and was allocated a room in the Luckes Home, the infamous ‘Lottie Luckes’ recognised my mother; she had been Matrons maid when my mother knew her! My mother went back to The London to give birth to my elder sister and brother (contd...)




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