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Violet & Rosemary Howlett
Part 1
Violet & Rosemary Howlett
More photos of Violet & Rosemary coming soon

Both my mother and my aunt worked in the nursing profession until they retired, my mother as a Rosemary & Violet Howlettmidwife and my aunt as a health visitor. My mother died in May 2004 aged 86 and my aunt aged 87 in February 2005.

As a child, I always wanted to be a nurse I guess partly due to my mother and aunts history, and it was almost a given that I would apply to The London – luckily I was accepted! I certainly felt a sense of history working there and I know my mother and aunt were very proud of me being there. Reluctantly I chose not to staff there once I qualified – the main reason being that I got married soon after completing my training and the compulsory 3 months of night duty put me off. As with so many other former ‘Londoners’  I have nothing but fond memories of my training there, made all the more special because of my extra link from my mother and aunt.

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Message from the web author - There are many more photos of Violet and Rosemary coming very soon along with copies of their exam papers, Blue Books and Certificates.

A very big THANK YOU to Alice Twaite (nee Haylett) for sharing all of these memories with us. Alice was in Set 445.

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