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It is with great sadness to announce that Barbara Thompson has died. Barbara died at home on Friday 20 July 2018.

Former London Hospital Nurse, former Senior Nurse for Professional Development, former President of the Royal London Hospital League of Nurses. Barbara was at The London for years & years so I know many of you will have met and known her in her variety of roles. 

Barbara's funeral is a private family service taking place in Oxford on this Saturday. Although Barbara's family have requested no flowers they would accept donations to the Royal London Hospital League of Nurses General Fund.

If you would like to leave any memories you have of Barbara here as a comment I will be sending them to Barbara's husband Jon in the coming weeks.

The RLH League of Nurses AGM in April 2019 will celebrate Barbara's life and all members will be welcome to attend the service at St Dunstan's Church in Stepney Way.



The next meeting of the RLH League of Nurses is on:

Saturday 13 October 2018 1000-1600

Details to follow shortly



Important announcement - soon to be published!

Nursing Through The Years: Care and Compassion at the Royal London Hospital

Authors: Loretta Bellman, Sue Boase, Sarah Rogers and Barbara Stuchfield

This long awaited book will be published later this year. 

This oral history tells us what life was like in the words of Nurses who trained and worked at the hospital over the years. Eighty-eight nurses were interviewed for this project, and their memories and perspectives have shaped the book.

In addition, the book is illustrated with wonderful art work by Paula Day, celebrating each decade. Paula currently works as a Senior Sister at the RLH. Also included are photos depicting life in the hospital over the last 70 years. 

The chapters begin in the 1940s, the war years:

I started at The London at the end of the war when the doodle-bombs [flying bombs] were still falling…. The east wing of The London had been hit by a bomb and so there was only half of that wing working. The third floors of The London were not in operation and Croft Ward was used entirely for casualties…. One of the first things that I had to do was to fill sixteen stone hot water bottles and put them in those sixteen beds ready for the casualties. (Marjorie)

Each chapter focuses on a decade up until the present time, and highlights the inevitable changes in life and work over the years. 

If you would like a copy to be sent to you, please contact Barbara Stuchfield via email with your name & address to BarbaraStuchfield(at) Barbara will contact you with the exact price of postage & packing.

We would appreciate buying the book from the RLH League of Nurses as in that way a proportion of the monies will go back to the League that funded the project


Details of four more Set Reunions coming up Set 446, Set 427, Set 407 & Set 408. For more details click here and if you are organising a Set Reunion and would like it promoted here please click here  

There is a new page named 'Shop' where some of the items you may be interested in are available to view with details of how to purchase them. Funds raised support the RLH League of Nurses. Very soon the fabulous flower print cards painted by former London Hospital Nurse Barbara Stuchfield will be available from the 'shop'  

The RLH is now on Twitter as yet another way to increase our membership from the current 1496. A button to follow on Twitter is on each page and will post a link to the current page you are view at the time. To follow @leagueofnurses and to hashtag #leagueofnurses. Lets start the Tweets coming in .....! 86 people now following us on Twitter  


If you would like to be in contact with former London Hospital Nurses then you are in luck. 'The London Hospital - which one?' is a Facebook Group for Nurses who trained at The London Hospital and there are currently 454 members.

The group is 'closed' which means postings can only be seen and read by other London Hospital Nurses who are members of the group. There are 1000s of postings each arranged under a 'theme' to keep all the memories and recollections in a semblance of order! If you trained as a Nurse at The London Hospital and would like to join, please click here



If a former London Hospital Nurse requires a transcript of training (cost £35) they will need to email: shstranscripts(at)


Please follow us on Twitter @leagueofnurses  


This iLuckes Entrance to Royal London Hospitals the entrance to one of the tower blocks of the Royal London Hospital. It is located on the original site of Luckes Nurses Home in Stepney Way. As you can see the name of one of previous Matrons; Eva Luckes, lives on as the name of the entrance into this hospital building. This photograph was taken on the day of the RLH League of Nurses AGM; 20 April 2013.

More photographs from the day spent during the AGM will be posted up in a week or so including ones taken of the garden and buildings of Mile End Hospital also taken during the AGM as we met in Bancroft Building of Queen Mary & Westfield College, located next to hospital.

The statue of Queen Alexandra has been movedQueen Alexandra Statue yet again and is now located on Stepney Way about 150 yards back from where she was before and now placed next to the tower block near the Luckes Entrance and over looking the main entrance of the other tower block opposite ...

Former London Hospital Nurses Nelda Harris nee Atfield (1952-1955) attended the AGM with her daughter, Karen Wynne (Set 464). Nelda had with her a copy of the Picture Post from 31 October 1953 featuring an article on the London Hospital. Also with two copies of The London Hospital Illustrated from 1959 & 1960. One featured the headline 'Queen Alexandra's Statue Moved to New Position' and the other 'New Ward Block Rises from the Hospital Garden'. Here in 2013, 54 years later history appears to be repeating it's self.

Alice Twaite (Set 445) has very kindly agreed to share some memories with us of her Mum and Auntie; the 'Howlett Twins' Violet Haylett and Rosemary Miners who trained at The London from 1938. Here is a photograph from Alice's collection c1942

More coming soon including their exam papers and certificates



If you would like to contact any of the members of the Executive Committee for all matter connected with the League then please visit the contact page


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