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Olive 'Olivia' Carter (née Hicks, nee Groombridge)

13 May 1917 - 27 March 2014

In her own words ....

I`m not very good at this [Facebook], but will persevere! I started at Tredegar House in September 1936, & finished in May 1940. Being wartime some of us didn`t do a staff year but joined the QA`s. I passed Hospital finals & after SRN & doing Midder in Birmingham I joined the QA`s & served overseas in Norh Africa & Italy until May 1946. My maiden name was Olive Hicks Groombridge & later Wright & presently is Carter I`m also known as Olivia. I was a League member for some years but dropped out over the course of many postings with an Army husband!! My niece Sara MIlls nee Groombridge also trained at the London & it was she who put me onto this page [Facebook}. Just for the record I was born on 13 May 1917!!!!!

This was the first message sent by Olivia on requesting to join the Facebook Group 'The London Hospital - which one'. Olivia was immediately in the position of being our oldest member of the group, if not Facebook! What an honour and priviledge to have someone with so many memories of The London in the pre-war period. Olivia quickly became one of our most popular group members as we all craved for those memories to be shared, along with having some myths dyspelled and facts reinforced.

When Olivia was in North Africa during WW2 she lost her London Hospital Badge. Barbara Thompson, President of the RLH League of Nurses on hearing this sent her a replacement Badge a year or two ago and Oliva was thrilled to bits to have the Hospital Badge again; she treasured it.

Here is a photograph (above) of Olivia (front row on the left) in her London Hospital student nurse unform with her gas mask issued in September 1939. Photograph below is Olivia during her midwifery and taking a well deserved break to spend time with her Mum.

The photograph (below right) was taken once Oliva had joined the QA's. The photograph at the bottom of the page taken in April 2013 is off Olivia at home along side yet another London Hospital Nurse; Sheila Briggs

Here are some of the tributes paid to Olivia ....

My Aunt Olivia Carter has passed peacefully away just short of her 97th Birthday. How she loved sharing her memories of training at The London. She took great pride in being the "oldest" LH trained nurse and still chatting about her experiences on Facebook ! Thank you to all who made her feel special and a real stalwart of the LH Sisterhood ! Sara Mills 27.03.14

I had the great pleasure of meeting Olivia last year and spending the day with her down in Weston-super-Mare having been in contact via internet for three years before. It was such a memorable day and one that will stay with me for always. Oliva was a wonderful historian and listening to her recall her time at The London (40 years before I started there) was absolutely fabulous. Such vivid and detailed memories. Today is one very sad day. Olivia, you will be in my thought and memories for many years to come. Thank you for sharing so much with me, it meant a great deal x Jane Stokes 27.03.14

So sad. My condolences to you Sara Mills and your family. I enjoyed her stories and thoughts of yesteryear at the London. Fiona Clarke 27.03.14

So sorry to hear that news Lesley Brynning 27.03.14

RIP Olivia - clearly a character with a wealth of experiences Kerrie Self 27.03.14

Sad to hear the passing of our 'Star' nurse. R. I. P. Sheila Billins 27.03.14

My thoughts are with you and your family on your loss. She was a very special lady who will be greatly missed by you all. xx Angela Brown 27.03.14

So very sorry to hear of Olivia's passing. It has been so lovely to read her memories and to know she has been able to keep up with technology into her late 90's. She will be very much missed by her Facebook fans but has left a very lasting impression. Sincere condolences to Olivia's family who must be immensely proud of her. Jane Harvey 28.03.14

My thoughts are with her family. I was so sorry to read of her passing. I have loved her memories and stories, which were not so very different from mine so many years later! A Londoner in the true tradition of what we have all held so precious. May she rest in peace. Margaret Keith 28.03.14

 Rest in peace olivia , even if we never met a london trained nurse will always have a piece in every other londoners heart xxx Amanda Ward 28.03.14

An amazing lady, who has had such an interesting life. Have thoroughly enjoyed hearing of her experiences and her input will be sorely missed. Jane Stokes I think Olivia would be chuckling at your typo of her losing her badge in the dessert! [Desert} RIP Olivia. Karen Harris 28.03.14

So sad to hear about Olivia, she was an amazing lady to be so switched on to modern technology at her great age. RIP and sincere condolences to her family. Alice Twaite 30.03.14

Sheila Briggs & Olivia Carter

Sheila Briggs & Olivia Carter

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